Reagan's Riviera-Themed Bat Mitzvah

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This was such a special event that I got to photograph! Reagan’s Bat Mitzvah was one to remember. I photographed the wedding of Reagan’s parents, Courtney and Jason, YEARS ago and it was crazy to have been asked to now be the photographer of their daughter’s big day! Definitely a super fun reunion of everyone from the wedding and it's really crazy how time has passed. This event was at the Brentwood Country Club with Wendy Parker as the absolutely incredible event coordinator – she just made everything perfect and included such amazing elements of Reagan’s personality throughout the day while having a super cool theme and making it truly memorable for the guests. Reagan had the formal service at a temple in Beverly Hills and then she had a big double decker bus take her and all the kids from the temple to the Brentwood Country Club where the venue was transformed into the Italian/French Riviera theme! Everything was oranges, peaches, and beachy like South of France. Wendy had planned out so many different stations: for food, hair sparkles, a little gift store full of customizable merch for all the kids, and also a bunch of cool spaces for seating for everyone to break off! I really loved the amazing dancers part of Reagan’s dance troupe grand entrance, it was really cute and honestly so impressive.

Overall, it was awesome to see how Courtney and Jason have raised two beautiful girls and getting to catch up with them post-wedding to see how their lovely family has grown!

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