Teddy's Bar Mitzvah Bash!

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I just loved Teddy and his family! Teddy and his two sisters are so adorable, and he’s definitely a popular kid so it was just really, really cool to see all this love piled into one space to celebrate!

I worked with Jon with Party Layne Events. He is always so much fun to work with and I basically want him to plan like any party for me any day, even my wedding! Every detail is so thought-out and adorable. This amazing Bar Mitzvah of Teddy’s was at Playa Studios in Culver City, which is a really cool industrial film studio location. It reminded me of the Royal Tenenbaums, as if it's like a Wes Anderson film with the way it was decorated in there - there's a whole wall of photo frames with this really cool, edgy and kind of funky location. They turned the whole studio from the ceremony space into the party space with a sort of urban-chic/skater theme. They even had their photo booth area as a mugshot background with the lines for the height and signs to hold!

The food was SO fun - there was a beignet food truck outside and also mini Chick-fil-A sliders all around, a cereal bar (yes Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch were the go-to’s!), and a huge table spread of every type of cheese you could want.

Along with all of amazing food and just venue, there was a station where guests could make hoodies that said Teddy on them with different designs and stickers so everything was totally customizable. There was a whole game room for with air hockey, basketball, and other games, and then they had like a live band to boot! Teddy’s into skateboarding as well so there were some giveaways for skateboards and a big screen full of edgy skating videos in the background, which was, of course, super unique and very exciting!

Overall, I was just blown away – this party had such an incredible vibe to it and it’s one that I’d think will be talked about and remembered for a lonnnng time!

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