Golden Gate Engaged!

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There are not many people that I would fly straight in to do a shoot for on my way back from Peru...but Danielle and Nick are like family! 
I will be shooting their destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico next month and so we just HAD to get Nick warmed up with a "mini shoot" of like five wardrobe changes haha Nick had a lot of patience with us!

Danielle is also a photographer and she specializes in boudoir shoots. It's always great to shoot with another photographer who understands lights and angles, it makes shoots such a pleasure! In addition to all that fun, Danielle also shares my love for donning some gorgeous outfits and embracing the Goddess Shoot. 

Nick and Danielle live in San Francisco and they wanted to celebrate many of the beautiful locations surrounding their home - The Legion of Honor, Lands' End, Baker Beach, and the Sutro Baths.

I think that some of my favorite shots were in Danielle's blue-green dress below at the Sutro Baths - basically hundred year-old bath houses that are now hauntingly gorgeous ruins right in San Francisco. Danielle's dress trailed off into the water in many of these shots, only to then be flicked up and out from her body - their silhouettes looked like something straight out of a fairytale with the waves crashing and the sun setting behind them.

Anyway, I just had to show some sneak peeks of the dresses, locations, and clear, sunny, gorgeous weather we got in San Francisco for their shoot! Just DYING over Danielle's gowns!

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