Ricki and Ross Wedding

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I love when life comes back full circle... I met Ricki 5 years ago on a white mattress at a friend's wedding in Ibiza during a full moon ceremony. We were both going through major heartbreak in our lives and she was an inspiration to me then even during a dark time in her life. Cut to 6 months later we ran into each other on a boat in Mexico and then realized we were literally neighbors back in LA.
Fast forward to 5 years later, many dinner parties, burns, and goddess adventures later and I am so honored to be witness to literally the happiest day of her life with so much love and laughter to look forward to. She is proof that you never know what life will bring you, but damn if Ricki doesn't manifest the shit out of life!

I am so grateful that I was able to fly back for 36 hours to be a friend a witness and also the photographer for @RickiLake and Ross's big celebration of love on their wedding day. I literally can't think of a couple more in love and perfect for each other!

It was an intimate affair with just their closest friends and family on a Malibu cliffside at their gorgeous home and the weather cleared up to give them a perfect day to celebrate! The vows were super emotional and funny and we were all constantly switching back-and-forth between laughter and tears.
She wore one of my favorite designers @sun.c.h.i.l.d and went of course with the non-traditional orange kimono and we ended the evening sitting around the firepit each giving a toast to the new married couple and then gorging on desserts and comfort food. The evening turned into a slumber party and was definitely the best party they have had yet at the house;) I can't wait to celebrate and create many more memories with you all. Here's to starting off 2022 right!

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