Not-Your-Average Senior Portrait Session- Havana's Goddess Shoot in Virginia's Fields of Gold!

July 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I can't believe my beautiful niece, Havana has graduated high school and is about to go off to college this month! Every year I have pulled my "mini-me" (who is now like a foot taller than me) out of school to do an amazingly bizarre photoshoot. One year involved her wearing giant gold wings and riding on wild Mustang horses, or dancing across the salt flats in Utah, but this year's Golden Goddess theme was different and actually more important than the rest since her prom and graduation was robbed from her due to Covid. So in honor of the dress she didn't get to wear and to deviate from the typical Senior Portrait session, I hand-carried to Virginia my giant Gold headpiece and gold dress and shot yet another surreal and epic photoshoot of Havana. Rollins College in Florida is getting a great new addition to their freshman class this year. So proud of you and can't wait for next years shoot my mini-me!


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