Kayla & Robin's Magical Wedding

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Kayla and Robin met the traditional way, through a good mutual friend, named Hinge (the most reliable dating app around). What was untraditional here was that both Kayla and Robin unknowingly had the default search radius set to 100-miles, meaning they could be matched with someone quite far away. This oversight was a blessing in disguise because the two single ladies literally lived 99 miles apart.

Robin was in LA. Kayla was in San Diego. Kayla warned Robin that if she kept talking to her, she’d be intrigued and would want to meet in person despite the distance. Kayla must have had a crystal ball because this was all too true – within 36 hours of matching on Hinge, they met halfway between LA and San Diego, in Irvine, for their first date.

Their first date was super fancy. They played basketball and arcade games at Dave N Busters and were inseparable until 3am. Robin went home that night knowing that she had met the love of her life. And Kayla? Well, she was already planning their future because within the first few hours of date #1, Kayla told Robin that she had no idea where she would have to live in a year (Navy Life), and that she wanted Robin to proceed at her own risk.

Things really got interesting when Lieutenant (Kayla) received Navy orders to work in Yokosuka, Japan for two years. An hour from Tokyo?! That’s ideal for a traveling photographer and someone whose favorite food is sushi! However, Japan is 5,472 miles away from Los Angeles, Robin’s hometown, and main client base for her photography business. Their current 99 mile “long distance” relationship was about to be multiplied by 55!

But this didn’t stop the lovebirds. The high speed train (or bullet train as it’s called in Japan) was about to depart!

Robin thought she might have what it takes to be a Navy Wife, so, two weeks before Kayla’s flight to Japan, she proposed. And minutes later, Kayla was down on one knee with a ring in her hand, asking Robin to marry her. Yes, you read that right - they had both planned to propose to each other on the SAME weekend.

Let’s not forget a very important detail. On Kayla & Robin’s third date, they went to Malibu Wines and had several moments together that reiterated that they both were falling for each other. Kayla even asked Robin where she would want to get married and what kind of venue it would be (as they were looking over the beautiful California mountains). Robin told her that she would want to get married at a place like that - overlooking mountains and somewhere in Southern California. Kayla agreed.

Fast forward 2 years…the couple found a perfect venue where they were able to say their vows overlooking beautiful California mountains. Ironically, it was also halfway between LA and San Diego, where they had originally met on their first date. This time, though, it was in a city called Corona.

Kayla & Robin had a spiritually Jewish wedding that was officiated by their two role models, Leanna Creel & Rinat Greenberg (an inspiring interfaith same sex couple who they both relate and look up to). The ceremony was intentional and completely customized to their love story. They each wrote their own vows, which was something very important to them. Before the ceremony, there was an intimate ketubah signing, whereby both families and close friends were able to watch Kayla & Robin sign this official Jewish marriage license. Everyone raised a glass to toast their union with Japanese whiskey that the couple brought home from Japan, which was very special and celebratory. All in all, it was a day full of love, excitement, and togetherness that will be remembered for years to come. 

I’m so excited to share these photos from a very emotional ceremony (what do you expect when two women get married!) to the stunning venue and sunset views. It was amazing to see Robin grow from my photo assistant to a beautiful, glowing, well-traveled bride in the past few years. I was so happy to be able to document this special day and have a Randolph family reunion! Love you ladies and Mazel Tov!!


Check out their gorgeous











wedding video by clicking here:  

📸 Photography: Beautiful Day Photography
🎥 Videography: http://lightupvideos.com/
🌈 Officiants: Leanna Creel & Rinat Greenberg
💁‍♀️ Hair: Miranda Torres
💄Make-up: Alexandra Juarez
🎶 Music: JC Entertainment
💐 Flowers: Lisa Tungka-Feinstein
🧳 Rentals: https://www.ricketyswank.com/
🍰 Cake: Cucamonga Cakery Co.
✡️ Ketubah: Ketubata
👗 Custom wedding dress: Studio GIA HƯNG
🎨 Wedding program design: Adina Minkowitz Silberman
🖼 Custom chuppah, signs, and decor: Robin Randolph & Jen La Bella
⛰ Venue, catering, coordination: Wedgewood Weddings the Retreat
🌮 Rehearsal Dinner: Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen - Victoria Gardens


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