Sierra & Reto’s Lake Como Italy Wedding at Castello di Rossino

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It was always my dream since I studied abroad in Italy in college to get married in Italy, but more specifically in Lake Como.  I now in the past few years have shot a few of my girlfriend’s wedding there and I feel like I have been able to live my dream over and over through them:)  As if being a bride wasn’t a fairytale on its own, how about getting married in a real life castle on top of the highest mountain overlooking Lake Como?  Castello di Rossino was one of the most stunning properties I have been to and Sierra and Rey found it on Google Earth!  They knew they wanted a castle with a view and that is exactly what they got!

The wedding day itself was so epic and amazing.  No one wanted to leave and everyone stayed outside till past 2am singing and playing the guitar long after the band packed up!  But the most memorable part of the wedding was the insane rogue, torrential rain shower that happened minutes into their “first wedding ceremony”.  It was so intense with high winds and sideways rain for 2 hours, that we all had to run for cover, drink champagne inside and basically regroup and re set-up the wedding for 2 hours later!!  I have never experienced anything like that before in all of my years of being a wedding photographer, but it only added to the stories and fun!  Take 2 of the ceremony was so emotional and beautiful, the weather cleared up and was the perfect temperature for a night under the stars, and the amazing staff at the castle re-set up the reception and it was as if the storm never happened!  Of course all of the dinner toasts referenced the couple “braving storms together” in life, so it was a perfect metaphor for why these two are meant to be together!  Sierra, you are amazing at how you not only moved your life to Europe, but learned fluent German for Rey and even gave your vows in German to be a part of his life.  You two are very lucky to have found each other!  Who knew that the dive bar Joxer Daly’s in Culver City would breed love and marriage lol!


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