WOPT 2018, World Oilmen’s Poker Tournament at the Encore in Las Vegas

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This was my 12th year photographing the WOPT tournament (World Oilmen’s Poker Tournament) in Las Vegas and each year I have had an even BETTER time, if that was even possible!  Basically, Cornerstone Acquisitions knows how to throw a fabulous party and show their clients a luxurious time. These guys are “working and networking” the entire time, which basically translates to:  playing golf, poker, having fantastic catered meals, private comedy shows and cabanas by the pool at Surrender, pool time, helicopter rides into the Grand Canyon, shooting machine guns in the desert and not to mention their own hospitality suite basically 24 hours a day…which means non-stop drinking and I get to come and “document” it all.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!:)  Again, I brought my favorite Texan, Jodee Debes to assist me in the insanity packed into 3 days in Vegas and she always ricks it out!  Our ritual dinner at Andrea’s with Chris Aulds and his crazy table of characters was even more insane this year.  My face literally hurt from laughing so hard! 

This year there were 230 something players (a record high!) and some newbies took over the final table slots! I normally go in on betting on the Calcutta with Andy Taurins, but our guys didn’t bring it home like they did in the last two years, so I didn’t win money there, but I did on Texas hold’em in the casino…so whoo hoo!! Other than that and dinner, one of the highlights was our private comedy show by Full House’s own closet perv Bob Saget who was a master selfie-taker with all of us after the show for like an hour!

Thank you Kurt and Riki for always throwing such an amazing and flawless event as ALWAYS!!  I hope it isn’t another year before I get to see you all again! 

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