Sarah and Tim’s Elopement in Marin, California

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

SO when your best friend tells you suddenly that she and her boyfriend are eloping in three days and moving to Singapore, you do what any best friend would do…jump on a flight to San Francisco, declare yourself the maid of honor, photographer, witness, drama guest, and flowergirl and gift her an adventure photo shoot in the gorgeous countryside of Marin County, California!  Originally, Sarah and Tim’s photography plans were to take selfies at the courthouse, but of course I couldn’t allow that!  Instead she bought rad, blue shoes, a white dress, and we went on a road trip through Point Reyes State Park through some of the most epic landscapes that California has to offer!  We stopped in swamps, the Cypress Tunnel, hiked through forests, and had such a fun, beautiful afternoon…not to mention the Marin Courthouse may be one of the most beautiful backdrops I have ever seen!  We were all pleasantly surprised at how picturesque it was.  Instead of being in a fluorescent lit room in the courthouse, they performed their ceremony by a fountain in a lush garden outside!  

I love these two and I am SO excited that we all can live happily ever after and I have a new home in Singapore to visit!  Lol, we joked about how I am the second wife, since I will enjoy all of the same benefits!!


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