Brock and Crystal’s Wedding in Ibiza, Spain

August 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I just had to post a few magical photos from this unicorn couple’s wedding, Brock and Crystal.  They actually met dressed as identical unicorns at Burning Man and have been madly in love ever since.  Talk about soulmates, they have decided to have 12 weddings all in different months of the year so they can always have an anniversary to celebrate every month, not year!  Their first wedding was a unicorn-themed wedding in Burning Man and now they have just had their 2nd Lunar goddess-themed wedding in Ibiza overlooking the magical, magnetic, powerful rock formation “Es Vedra” which is believed to be the tip of the ancient sunken city of Atlantis.  No one knows for sure, but what is real and undeniable is the energy these two collect and create together.  It was by far one of the most incredible weddings I have ever been to from a dragon that escorted the bride down the aisle, to unicorns and fire dancers on the dance floor, to mermaids delivering the rings during the ceremony, watching the sunrise while getting massages and tarot card readings to the magic and mystery around every corner…it was an indescribable experience and I look forward to the next 10!  Love you guys!


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