Troy & Ester’s Engagement shoot at the Last Bookstore and Griffith Observatory

December 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I just blogged Troy and Ester’s wedding recently and realized that I never blogged their ridiculously awesome themed engagement shoot!  Not only did they have a paper theme for their wedding, but they had a “nerdy book-themed” engagement shoot as well downtown at “The Last Bookstore”.  We got special permission to shoot there and one of my favorite designers, Evey Clothing, lent us her tutu dress made out of the pages of trashy romance novels!  It was utterly perfect and had most women swooning over it in the store!  From there we went to the Disney Concert Hall in a colorful outfit change, and then finally ended up nerding it out at the Griffith Observatory.  These two are hilarious in the outfits they chose to wear and they TRULY have found their people in each other:) Happy Holidays to you both!


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