Ester & Troy’s “Bookworm-themed” Wedding in Redondo Beach

December 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am SO overdue on blogging this adorable wedding of my friends Ester and Troy!  You may remember them from our Book-themed engagement shoot at “The Last Bookstore” in Downtown LA.  I was able to borrow my designer Evey’s Paper tutu dress that she made entirely out of the pages of Trashy romance novels and Ester rocked it inside of the library!  It was a perfect fit for their paper-themed wedding they just had. 

Not only do these two love books and learning and nerding out, but they spent a ton of hours hand making and folding the origami hanging mobiles over each table at the reception.  Ester’s flowers were all made out of gospel hymn pages, their invitation looked like a library book card and they even had a vintage card catalog desk, typewriters, and stacked books at the entrance of their reception and all around as decor.  The paper theme carried through everything they did and it was simple and cute and perfect for these two, where the love was really the highlight of the wedding day.

I have known Troy for years from playing on his soccer team together and it is always so much more special when you see someone you know finally find their person and true happiness.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for these two!  Congratulations Ester and Troy!


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