Sab and Aamir’s gorgeous Indian Wedding at the Catamaran Resort and Spa

October 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I can’t even begin to describe how obsessed I was with Sab’s hair, make-up, clothes, colors…basically everything about her look for her wedding weekend!  In fact, she let me borrow her green dress for the reception, because she knows how much I love color!

I knew when I met these two, that I was going to LOVE them and photographing their destination wedding weekend in San Diego.  We were introduced by the fabulous Nahid Farhoud from Nahid’s Global Events, and anytime I work with Nahid and her team, you know it will be gorgeous, fun, and magazine-worthy!  I have to say that I LOVED the Catamaran Resort and Spa in San Diego.  It is like a hidden tropical oasis on the beach and there were so many gorgeous little nooks to shoot in around the property, including the waterfall in the lobby that looks like you are in Hawaii.

Sab and Aamir did such an amazing job with planning a fun-filled, action-packed weekend for their family and guests.  My favorite moments of the weekend were how adorable they were during their first look, the AMAZING Bollywood performances (by not only their friends and family, but Aamir and Sab as well!), the Groom’s Hazing ceremony (where he literally put on a Hazmat suit and was doused in ketchup, eggs, and flour!), the gorgeous sunsets, the insane dresses and jewelry, the badass chick playing the Dohl Drum, and of course the food, and dancing…always my favorite part of Indian Weddings!



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