Kim & Chester’s Wedding at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim

May 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met Chester through his sister Lyra, who has been a long time client of mine, and I instantly knew their wedding was going to be ridiculous and fun after our engagement shoot together at the Hotel Maya months ago!  I was not disappointed!  I was excited to finally be working with Jen Bergmark of First Pick Planning.  She and her team are so much fun and her weddings are usually funky and out of the box.

The day started with one of my favorite photographers to shoot with, Jodee Debes, shooting the boys and their party bus while I shot the girls getting ready for their first ceremony of the day, their Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.  I was obsessed with the tea ceremony not only because Kim wore a hot Pink dress (my kind of wedding gown), but because the Vietnamese food spread was ridiculous with a roasted pig and everything!  We photographed, gorged on food, and then quickly got ready for their Christian Ceremony at the Holy Family Church.

By the time the massive party bus with all 20 something of the bridal party arrived at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden to take photos, everyone was already pretty drunk and we were definitely stealing the show at the sculpture garden next to a bunch of young couples getting ready for their prom lol!  From there, we arrived at the Sheraton Park Hotel and had a gorgeous cocktail hour outside in the garden, and then got ready for the long night of drinking and dancing ahead of us!

Everything was hot pink in decor and Kim herself printed out personal photos of each guest and hung them from little white tree centerpieces at the table they were sitting at. Which was a fun, personal touch for each guest there (and a TON of work to do!). The DJ has everyone, including Jodee and I, on the dance floor all night to the very end!  Even when the surprise Inn-N-Out Truck arrived to make late night cheeseburgers for the guests, people were still on the dance floor eating their cheeseburgers and rocking out!  Including Chester and Kim in their matching Inn-N-Out hats.  So cute!


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