Wendy and Afshin’s Calabasas Wedding at The Oaks

April 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 It’s not every day that get to shoot one of your best friend’s weddings…but when Afshin, my “brother from another mother” announced that not only were he and Wendy getting married, but they are expecting, I knew I HAD to shoot their photos yet be a guest too!  I mean Persian weddings may be my favorite, because I LOVE the colorful, intimate, yet insanely crazy ceremonies, the music, the dancing and of course THE FOOD!

We started out the day getting ready and doing portraits at the gorgeous Beverly Hills Hotel, where we walked by J-LO on the way to her movie premiere in Westwood and I was like, “Excuse me, bride coming through” as we walked by her:)  I love the grounds there and normally you can’t shoot there, but Afshin’s friend Aiko hooked that up for us..Thanks Aiko!  From there we all went to Calabasas to his sister’s estate at The Oaks where Mitra had the entire home inside and out beautifully decorated for the wedding.  I loved how all of the indoor and outdoor spaces were used and her gorgeous backdrop of the pool and mountains during sunset was stunning!  The best part was being able to put down my camera to dance and hand it off to Johnny Boone so I could practice my Persian dancing skills!  Thanks Johnny for taking over the party photography for me!

Congratulations Afshin and Wendy!  Little Farah-to-be is going to be a lucky little girl:)




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