Yumi and Ryan’s Ventura Pier Engagement Session

February 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


When Yumi and Ryan asked me to come up to the Ventura Pier to shoot their engagement photos, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I had no idea Ventura had a huge park on top of a mountain overlooking the entire city, and I had no idea that the pier and beach were so epically beautiful.  The way the beach is shaped and located creates a mirror effect of the sky during lowtide at sunset and it looked like I was in the famous salt flats of Bolivia!  
We started off the day having beer, shrimp and pretzels at Barrelhouse 101, their favorite spot to eat and they happened to be wearing perfect matching outfits to the restaurant’s exterior, so we started our shoot in the parking lot after lunch lol!  Then we drove up to the Park and hiked around shooting and I was OBSESSED with the cloud formations that day.  It just made everything look surreal and fake like a movie set.  Afterwards, they changed and we went to the Marina to shoot and they brought out the cutest prop I have seen yet, a fishing hook engraved with the words, “You are my Greatest Catch” and their wedding date courtesy of Etsy.com. We shot a picnic scene, tried out the zip line (clearly made for kids:), and even brought out their badges and covers (yes they are BOTH cops) for some adorable photos.  These two are like the cops you see on TV, WAY too good looking to be actual cops and dating, but I guess Hollywood isn’t always wrong:)
And finally, my favorite part of the day…SUNSET by the Ventura Pier where a baby seal was jumping through the waves next to us while we were shooting and mother nature blessed us with the MOST gorgeous sunset I have seen in a while, perfectly reflected on the sand.  I can’t believe it’s February and we were hot out on the beach running around with this gorgeous weather.  Another reason I will never leave Southern California! Honestly, I had such a fun time and afterwards they even packed me a cute snack bag for my drive home through rush hour!  Love you guys!
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