Rachael & Jason’s Rooftop Ceremony at The Beverly Hilton

December 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am FINALLY posting Rachael and Jason’s beautiful rooftop, evening wedding at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. This entire day was full of love and TONS of family.  Jason was the last of 4 boys to get married in his family, so they performed the “Mezinka dance” at the end of the night where all of the sons and their wives danced around Jason’s parents in a circle. It is a Jewish tradition that doesn’t happen at every wedding and is super special:) Not only was that a unique ceremony, but their Rabbi spoke about the story of Rachael, Leah and Jacob in the Old Testament.  The story is about how Jacob fell in love with Rachael and accidentally married Leah (I believe), and the funny thing is that Rachael’s middle name in real life is Leah and Jacob is Jason’s Hebrew name and it all seemed like a modern day love story imitating the greatest love story of all time in the Old Testament!  Everything about this wedding seemed like Kizmet.

Their story began on the dating app Tinder and Jason even used Tinder to propose to Rachael, making them one of Tinder’s featured success stories on their front page of their website (click on this link to read their Tinder Love story).

The rest is history and they have had a whirlwind romance and an even more romantic wedding day! I am so happy to have been a part of this love-filled celebration and family.  What an amazing union of two very tight-knit families!  I am sure there will be even more children to add to the 13 or so nieces and nephews they have already and their clan will continue to grow in size and strength:)  Happy holidays to you and your family!



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