Lisa & Mark’s Elegant Winter Wonderland Wedding at the SLS Hotel

December 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have been waiting to blog this wedding for a while now!  But now that you can see it in print on newsstands in California Wedding Day Magazine, the wait is finally over!

Any time that I get to combine creative forces with the one and only Kristin Banta and I can photograph her vision and work with an amazing team of vendors, I am in HEAVEN!.  Not to mention, when she had told me Mark and Lisa’s theme of their wedding, “Narnia-inspired Winter Wonderland” I was SO in!  I couldn’t wait to see what Lilla Bello was going to come up with for the florals and they really went above and beyond! They used antlers, cotton, gold leaf, driftwood, air plants and pretty much anything out of the box for their bouquets and table top florals. It was stunning!

One of my favorite parts of the day, was when Mark and Lisa changed for their Chinese Tea Ceremony and even had a wardrobe change for their little dog (who also wore antlers to walk down the aisle).  It was a priceless moment!

To complete the Winter Wonderland look while in Sunny Southern California, Kristin had the outside patio of the SLS Hotel carpeted in all white with birch trees brought in and huge antler chandeliers hanging over the wooden benches draped in fur.  It was such a bright white scene and it felt like you were sitting in a filed of snow.

The inside of the ballroom was all monochromatic and done in white furs and silver and they even had snow falling projected behind the band on stage making you feel like it was a romantic winter evening under the stars.  The cake mimicked the white bark of the trees, which also matched the white birch tree backdrop for the photo booth.  The photo booth, done by Flip Booth, even had winter props for their guests, like fur hats and mittens! And of course, what is winter without an ice bar?  

The party kept on going and Lisa changed into her traditional Chinese red dress which was dramatic against the white backdrop and so gorgeous!  I have to list all of the other amazing vendors that were part of this “dream team” helping to transform the SLS into Lisa, Mark, and Kristin’s Winter-Narnia vision:

Found Rentals, Make up Therapy, Elan Artists, Ice Bulb,The Lighter Side LA, Fantasy Frostings, and Bliss and Bone.


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