Danielle & Ross’ Beautiful Los Angeles Wedding at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills

December 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Happy Holidays!  I am so excited to blog about Danielle and Ross’ gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Anytime I get the privilege to work with Linda Howard and her fabulous team, I know that not only will it be magazine-worthy, but I will be working with the best team of vendors around and having a blast! We had THE BEST team on this wedding and I have to show off the gorgeous florals by Mark’s Garden, rentals by Rrivreworks, video by Ari Perilstein of Custom Made Productions, and you will see the dancing photos to prove that West Coast Music rocked out all night long and people never wanted to leave the dance floor!
Some of my favorite moments from the day were when we got to go on the helipad on the roof for the late afternoon light and the best view of all of Los Angeles!  After that, they had their magical ceremony inside of the tented garden with hanging chandeliers and the aisle dripping with floral arrangements and then we went straight into the party which never stopped! I LOVED the huge “LOVE” table at the entrance to the reception room, but what I loved most about this wedding , though, was just how IN LOVE Danielle and Ross are and how excited and supportive both families were about joining together.  It just made photographing them SO easy!
Danielle and Ross, I hope you two are celebrating your first holiday together in style and that you have fun reliving this amazing night through the photos!  Happy New Year and may it bring you both lots of love, luck, and new beginnings!


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