Elaine and Nate’s Destination Wedding at The Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach

September 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Finally, I get to blog about Elaine and Nate or “ELATE” as they are affectionately known as:) These two are hilarious and I had the pleasure of spending not just one , but three days with them photographing them!  Elaine had THE most spectacular bridal gowns and shoes so we HAD to spend time photographing them properly:)  I had never done a “first look” shoot the day before the wedding, but after doing this it actually made the wedding day WAY less stressful and overwhelming with photos.  I’m a fan!

Between the fabulous Laurie Davies of Five Star Weddings and Events, Katie B Cosmetics, and myself, I felt like Elaine had the BEAUTY DREAM TEAM for her wedding weekend and I knew that it was going to be gorgeous!  Every wedding I do with Laurie and her team is publishable in a magazine, so I was excited to see how everything was going to come together.  Nate and Elaine are like Yin and Yang.  While Nate is calm, Elaine loves the dramatic side to life, so it was no surprise that their theme color for the wedding was RED.  From the bridesmaids dresses to the lighting and hanging rose chandelier at their reception, RED was the color of the evening.  But my FAVORITE part of the evening, other than the cake cutting where Nate accidentally got cake in Elaine’s face (and then like a guy tried to wipe her face clean:) was the crazy amount of food, delicious gelato station, and late night breakfast burritos and food stations.   SOOOOO good!!!

I hope you two move here to California, so I can keep in touch with you guys!  Elaine, you can assist me on my next crazy international adventure somewhere.  We can bring Katie B too, because every diva needs her entourage!:)  LOL  But in all seriousness, I hope you had an amazing honeymoon you both DESERVE it after your 12 year journey to get to this day!!  So enjoy the journey and all of the amazing memories yet to come!

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