Erik and Cheryl’s Destination Wedding Weekend at Westmoor Farm in Nantucket, MA

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I had the pleasure of meeting Erik and Cherly through Erik’s sister Kim who was a college girlfriend of mine. On the way back from my crazy 5-week, sister world tour, we were able to meet in New York City for their Engagement shoot at Highline Park, which is one of their first date spots. I knew when I met these two that their wedding was going to be a ridiculously fun time. They decided to have their destination wedding in Nantucket because they met there at a party during Figawi weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Figawi is a tribute to drunk sailors that got lost years ago and is jokingly called this crazy name as it stands for “Where the fuck are we?”

I loved hearing their alternate versions of how they met. Erik throught Cheryl was starring him down the whole night and Cheryl was just looking at the drink menu above his head. Cut to years later, I finally got to go to Nantucket for the first time and even checked things off my bucket list from biking the island which is only 7 square miles long to boiling lobsters to checking out the gorgeous beaches to even paddle boarding with sea lions. Clearly, Erik and Cheryl made sure their guests had the best time! We all rented houses in the same neighborhood, relaxed on the beach together, went on hikes, rode bicycles, partied like rockstars at Westmoor Farm and took in the quaint sites of downtown Nantucket, which still looks like it did in the 1600s when the first settlers found it.

Westmoor Farm is such a gorgeous venue with a little koi pond, colorful farms and lush greenery. It is definitely a garden oasis on the island and was the setting for Erik and Cheryl’s charming ceremony. And their reception here was unlike any other party! I’ve never seen men out dance women like they did at this wedding. Erik and his boys were completely out of control doing back flips, the worm and anything else humanly possible on the dance floor. 

I was fortunate enough to stay with some of Cheryl’s girlfriends in a house aka The Serbian Mafia and let me tell you those girls held their own. They definitely rivaled the boys in drinking and dancing. I had so much fun at this wedding with everyone! I think I came back 10 pounds heavier from all the lobster and rich seafood that we ate all weekend! And I made a ton of new friends who I can’t wait to join out in Vegas for a reunion trip!

I’m so glad Erik and Cheryl found each other. They complement each other so well and it’s wonderful to see. I hope you two enjoy enjoy your dream honeymoon



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