Gina and Vince’s Twilight Wedding Ceremony at the Lakeside Golf Club

November 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I met Gina and Vince through Gina’s sister Elisa whose wedding I shot a couple of years ago.  We had such an amazing time at that wedding, that Gina decided to take her older sister’s advice and get married at the same venue with the same vendors, but with a little twist:)  This time the ceremony would be at twilight with tons of candles in the trees and it was BEAUTIFUL! So it ended up being like a family reunion at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank.  The Ruffino’s have been members there for years, so even all of the staff they knew by their first names, so it really was like family.

I was so excited for this day, because I knew it was going to be a fun party. Gina is a wild younger sister (like myself) and we were just on the same page since day one.  I brought the fabulous Jillian Rose with me as my photo partner in crime and we felt like we were guests.  We even jumped in the photo booth and I sang Journey with the band (true story).  I was obsessed with Gina’s lace shrug that she wore over her dress AND her hair…I was taking notes for my own sister’s hair and make-up that I ended up doing a week later!  So thanks for the inspiration Gina! She looked absolutely stunning and the funniest part about the whole day was how much she laughed and giggled….through the first look, the ENTIRE ceremony, and their first dance.  The happiness was just EXUDING from her!  It was adorable to see how much fun Vince and Gina were having:)

Here is a sneak peek from your gorgeous wedding!  I have been following you guys on Facebook throughout your honeymoon in Belize and I’m sure you are sad to be back, but at least you can relive your wedding through my photos:)  We also have our “Trash the Dress” Shoot coming up, so the fun continues!!

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