May and Frederick’s Wedding at Terranea Resort and Spa in Rancho Palos Verdes

October 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

 May and Frederick’s Wedding happened on a gorgeous hot sunny day in September and I know it will be a day they both will NEVER forget:) They flew over from their home in Dubai to have a destination wedding in Southern California…which proved to be a lot more complicated than they ever imagined! No matter what, the most important thing that happened was that ALL of their friends and family were together and that May and Fred are now husband and wife!  I felt like I bonded with May and went through quite a wedding adventure with her, but it all paid off and we were able to get some gorgeous photos at some of my favorite places, Wayfarers Chapel and the cove at Terranea.  

Their Reception was at Marcel at Terranea, where they took over the outdoor patio and had a fun relaxed dinner together.  I LOVED their little details from the baby Moet bottle favors, to the rugby cake topper (a tribute to Fred), to the framed baby photos and simple elegant floral decor.  They also bought a bunch of sparklers to play around with at the end of the night, which added a nice touch to their cake cutting.  I felt like one of the family and one of the guests.  It was such a relaxed evening and I even tried a special shot with the videographers of White Rose Production and the bride and groom made with Tabasco and olives that apparently is May and Fred’s favorite.  All of us desperately needed one after the insanity of the day lol, but I think we all had a blast! We had to celebrate SURVIVING it all! 

May and Fred, I wish you two the VERY best in your lives together and you KNOW that I will be coming over to visit Dubai someday now that I know you two.  I can already tell that we would all have a blast!  To view the rest of the wedding photos, just click on this link


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