Hailey and Sam’s Wedding at Stone Manor in Malibu

July 12, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I am SO excited to finally blog about Hailey and Sam’s Wedding at Stone Manor in Malibu.  This venue may be one of THE most beautiful estates I have ever been to and one of my favorite places to photograph!  There are SO many gorgeous hidden gardens and terraces overlooking an almost 360 view of Malibu, that it was no wonder that Hailey and Sam wanted to utilize each area of the property for a different part of their wedding.  First they had their ceremony overlooking the terraced lawn with stunning views of Malibu, then cocktail hour through the greenery into the hidden rock garden below, photos by the stone pool, then dinner in the front cobblestone, tree-lined grand entryway of the estate, and finally dessert and dancing in the “grotto”, a gorgeous glass-walled building with yet another stunning view of the canyon and Malibu below.  Honestly, how could you go wrong?  But these two had a lot of love, help and luck involved in their story leading up to their magical wedding day.

First, they had the fabulous dynamic duo, Vicki and Shannon from All you Need Is Love Events to plan their perfect day down to every adorable detail, the perfect warm, clear, sunny day in Malibu, and of course THE BEST story EVER of how they met.  They met during an online game and spent years as online chat friends before Hailey finally made the gamble to hop on a plane and actually come meet Sam face to face, and the rest is history…. They honestly could not be better suited for each other.  I told them that they brought the love and humanity back to the internet, which is a rare thing in a society that has pretty much lost most of our personal connections and handwritten love letters to emails and Facebook:)  So kudos to you guys for believing in true love and actually acting on it! It is what makes me LOVE what I do..that, and how wonderful it is to feel welcomed as one of the guests.  You two truly have a fantastic, warm support group in your family and friends and you are very lucky!  I am SO glad to have been able to share such a special day with you both and I want to thank Carl Bringas for adding his photography expertise and fun to the mix.  Thank you!

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