Kristin and Mark’s Terranea Engagement Shoot

June 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited to photograph Kristin and Mark’s wedding in less than two weeks!  I can’t believe it’s already almost JULY!  These two already share the same last name, “Williams”  and they are not even married yet.  I have to say that it’s a first that I have seen where a bride doesn’t have to change her name:) Lucky lady.

We decided to meet up a couple of weeks ago on a gorgeous sunny day in Palos Verdes at Terranea to shoot  their photos.  We basically ran around the property just in the nick of time before they closed off parts of it for another wedding and then ended up down at the rocky beach at the bottom of the hiking path.  We definitely got our exercise for the afternoon, but what a perfect way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon…hiking around Terranea,  then taking some romantic photos, and finally settling in with a gin and tonic to watch the sunset. NOT BAD:)  I hope you guys found some cocktails afterward (AND your kids:), you deserved it!


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