Sky and Eric’s Disneyland Engagement Shoot

March 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Sky and Eric found me after being inspired by my previous engagement shoot that I blogged of Megan and Jason in Disneyland.  It was such a pleasure running around the park with them to take these photos, but what was even more fun was having lunch with them and learning about their unique story of how they met.  Sky and Eric met while in line (virtually that is) to play the online game “Dream of Mirror Online” AKA” DOMO”. They were complaining to each other, via avatars, on how long the line was and this initial chat led to a year of chatting online before ever even knowing what each other looked like.  What made it even more improbable that these two would meet and fall in love, was that Sky was living in Australia at the time and Eric in San Diego. Eventually, there was a chance for Sky to come to San Diego and they met and it was pretty instantaneous from there.  When I asked them if it was love at first sight, they said almost in unison, that it was, but that it was just “strange that they were meeting in real life” lol.  It’s crazy what world we live in now where meeting online is so commonplace, but it’s also pretty awesome that we now have even MORE chances to meet our soul mates than ever in the history of time!  So Sky and Eric,I  hope your unique story inspires others to follow random moments of serendipity in their lives…you never know what will happen:)

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