Katrina and Josh’s 12.12.12 Wedding in Rancho Palos Verdes

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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since 12.12.12 and Katrina and Josh’s wedding at the gorgeous Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes.  I feel like I was destined to photograph their wedding, not only because Katrina found me through the chapel, but we soon discovered that my partner-in-crime, Sarah Horowitz, grew up in Orcas Island Washington where Josh is from, and randomly she had introduced me to Josh and Katrina after they had already emailed me!  So I was about 2 degrees of separation from a lot of their guests and I felt right at home:)

I LOVED how intimate their wedding was and the long list of adorable details that Katrina spent so much time on; like hand-making the pin wheels, the sign that the ring bearer carried down the aisle, the brick they bought at Wayfarers Chapel that states, ” Home is wherever I’m with you”, her fabulous gold, glittered heels, the embroidered handkerchiefs for her parents, the personalized hangers for the bridal party, Simona as the “Best Woman” wearing a suit and fedora hat donning a flask:), the silver cufflinks Josh wore made from Katrina’s fingerprints, the “Tell me Something Good” Jar, and of COURSE the polaroid photo booth/scrapbooking area.  That was a huge hit:)

But my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the day was how adventurous and up for anything both Katrina and Josh were when it came to taking photos at Terranea.  Not only did I have Katrina in her heels hiking over rocks, up to a cliff and cave, but they patiently waited while I attempted an art/photo project of cutting out a heart on a piece of paper that I put over my lens, making the twinkle lights appear like the shape of hearts in the background (check out the last photo of the blog).  I STILL have to perfect it, but I came close:)

They had very dramatic weather, with stormy clouds which made for soft light and amazing photos and of course Nelson’s Restaurants’ famous outdoor fire pits, which became the backdrop to some of my favorite twilight photos of the evening.  Katrina told me at her engagement shoot that I reminded her of Simona, Josh’s “Best Woman”, and we both came to the wedding donning fedora hats without knowing each other and of course hit it off:)  Again, I felt like I had known these guys for years!

So long story short, here is my LONG blog about a day that seemed too short, but was perfect:)  I wish you two all the best and happiness!

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