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I met Lisa and Michael (put their last names together and you have “LOCO”) through one of my favorite people in the world (AND she happens to be a Make-up Goddess as well) the one and only Tara Dowburd-Luftman. Tara and Lisa have been friends since Elementary School and Lisa brought over the old photos from their Philly cheerleading days with the huge hair to prove it!

I have been excited to shoot their engagement photos since I met them! We decided to have an all day shoot that commemorated the important events in their relationship. Starting from the night they met….cut to Halloween 3 years ago at the Air Conditioned Lounge in Venice. I got them to wear the exact outfits they wore that night and to reenact their first encounter, SO CUTE! Then we had a wardrobe and make-up change where we took over the downstairs bathroom of the Huntley Hotel for a half hour and then took photos in the swanky upstairs Penthouse Lounge, the VERY same hotel that he proposed to her! The end of the shoot they brought their own flair to…they brought glittered signs that spelled out their trademark Monaker, “LOCO” and we ran around Venice for their photoshoot finale as the light ran out. That didn’t stop us though, as the last shots of the day have them exhausted sitting underneath a streetlamp by my corner Venice Grocery Store…classic:)

I had SUCH a blast and I can only imagine what the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Day are going to be like in only 3 weeks! Their rehearsal dinner is going to be at El Cholo Restaurant, keeping with their location theme since this was where they had their first date and their wedding is going to be at the GORGEOUS Jonathan Beach club…so stay tuned!

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