Aemish and Resh's Southern California Destination Wedding Part One

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I met Aemish years ago at the Summit Conference in Florida. What an amazing person and friend he has become and now I have had the amazing honor of shooting him and his bride Resh's beautiful wedding celebration. Resh could not be more stunning like a Disney princess and her family has been more than welcoming. The ceremony took place at the Chino Hills BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Temple, which, cool story his great grandfather was one of the original civilian founders of BAPS Swaminarayan Religion along with Shri Shashtri and Shri Yogiji Maraji and ultimately Shri Pramukh Swamimaraj! They have all been close to his family for over the last 115 years! It was so humbling for him to return to where he grew up he told me. From Aemish's Pithi and Holi celebration at Hermosa Beach to Champagne toasts with lots of love and laughs this was such a special weekend. 

Here is a bit more about Aemish and Resh's wedding story! To tell the story of one beautiful wedding we need to start with another one...


Resham Uttamchandani and Aemish Shah met when they walked down the aisle together at a mutual friend's wedding. She was a bridesmaid, he was a groomsman, they made small talk in line for the bar and neither of them thought anything of it.  Well, Resh didn’t think anything of it, but Aemish had her on his mind when he drove home, and when Hurricane Irma hit Saint Martin, Resham’s hometown, Aemish sent a note to Resh. After a series of facebook messages and texts, Aemish had a critical decision to make - skip a talk with his idol, Kobe Bryant & tickets for the World Series or go to Palm Springs and finally meet up with Resh in person?  He went to Palm Springs. During their first date, they watched game 7 from a TV. Resham did not understand baseball, but made a strong effort for Aemish. 


After months apart and countless weekend trips, Resham took a physician job in SF, she claims it was not because Aemish lived there ;). The couple started dating and a few years later on February 29, 2020, Aemish took Resh out on sail around the bay, and proposed under the Golden Gate Bridge. The joy from the engagement overshadowed the growing headlines about a virus, and two weeks later the world shut down.


Little did these two know that COVID-19 was ready to spice up their wedding planning. Flash forward to a year later: Resham’s search history consisted of Alibaba and Aza Fashion. Finally, May of 2021 came and the couple got married in Orange County at the auspicious BAPS Swaminarayn Mandir. An intimate wedding that could have been set in Jaipur, India was in the backyard of Chino Hills, CA. The small wedding brought together some of the couples nearest and dearest friends and family. Resh and Aemish saw the festivities as a means to bring their community together during challenging times.


There were so many days of festivities, that I had to break this blog up into 2 parts! 



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