Stephanie & Harris’ Beautiful St. Martin Destination Wedding

November 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am finally back from my whirlwind adventure from the Caribbean through South America and the Galapagos and back to reality and the internet!  My entire trip was surreal starting off with Stephanie and Harris’ epic destination wedding on the island of St. Martin!  The last time I was here was 20 years ago in college and I was so excited to come back to photograph a wedding on this gorgeous island!

Stephanie and Harris are an inspirational couple, from the way they treat each other to the way they planned their wedding. Everything about it was perfect!  They rented an amazing villa on a private stretch of beach for the week called Villa Turtle Nest in Baie Longue.  From here they invited their 30 closest friends and family to join for fun in the sun, dinners, and the wedding over a stretch of 4 days.  It was simple, elegant, beautiful, small and yet I think I may have taken one of my most favorite, EPIC bridal photos of all time with these two.

I came in a couple of days early to scout locations and plan out their wedding photos.  I knew I wanted to show off what makes St. Martin such a special island and one of the things that makes this island famous believe it or not is their airport.  The runway to the airport shares a border with Maho Beach and is so close to planes flying in that tourists have been blown hundreds of yards into the ocean due to the strong jet blasts from the plane engines!  So I checked the flight schedules and planned the perfect window of opportunity to take a shot of one of the famous United Airlines jets flying over their heads!  

The next location I found was the gorgeous black coral bluffs of Mullet Bay.  It was sharp and dangerous and hot to hike out there, but Stephanie and Harris were total troopers and in dress shoes and gowns made it happen! We got back just in time to miss the rain, but the skies cleared and gave us PERFECT weather for their wedding ceremony on the beach.  Harris’ grandmother officiated their wedding and the rest of the night was full of laughter, tearful speeches, tons of dancing, people jumping in the pool and of course letting off giant floating lanterns!

I had SUCH a blast joining these two families and I felt like I was truly adopted into the clan.  What a fun, beautiful weekend and the perfect way to jumpstart my South American Adventure!



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